Orange – Manga Review!

Orange…(look I made it orange, so fancy) what can I say about this. It’s amazing, purely amazing. I can’t think of any other words for it. It made me feel a trillion emotions all at the same time (and hot damn that’s a lot of emotion). Briefly the story goes like this… Running through two […]

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Owl Crate June!

June, June shake the room. My second Owl Crate arrived yesterday too but this was a BIG surprise. The theme for this month was… ‘Make it Out Alive’ with a big theme of green! Which is super cool and looks really pretty.  This months box contains: Magnet inspired by ‘An Ember in the Ashes’ (Created exclusively […]

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Owl Crate! (SALE! Yay!)

Yesterday, my first EVER two OwlCrate boxes arrived (If you are not sure what OwlCrate is… totally check it out you need it in your life. Look I’ll help you, here is the website – Click Here for Young Books in your Area! A few weeks ago a sale was on the website for some of […]

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