Owl Crate! (SALE! Yay!)

Yesterday, my first EVER two OwlCrate boxes arrived (If you are not sure what OwlCrate is… totally check it out you need it in your life. Look I’ll help you, here is the website – Click Here for Young Books in your Area!

A few weeks ago a sale was on the website for some of their previous monthly boxes, so me being me. I totally got one and I do not regret that decision, it’s a beautiful thing. All of the items are chosen to match the theme of the box and even some of the items are exclusively created for the box!


Everything I got in the box was:

  • Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller (including a letter to OwlCrate readers and signed bookplate)
  • Pirate Temporary Tattoo
  • A Compass Pendant necklace (Produced by The Geeky Cauldron)
  • Mermaid Washi Tape (made exclusively by Simply Gilded)
  • Hand Printed Tea Towel from Kitch Studios
  • Octopus Notepad from Boygirlparty (exclusive designs for Owlcrate)
  • Owl Crate Badge (dressed as a pirate… super cute)

Everything within this box is amazing, and so well thought through. I would seriously recommend people to get this. Even if it’s just once a year as a treat, this is seriously worth it! DO IT.

I will be reading this book soon, I cannot wait to share my thoughts as well as a piece of artwork produced by myself relating to the book.

Happy Hooting! (why do I do this…)

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