Heartless Review – Off with their head!

“Fascinating isn’t it, how often heroic and foolish turn out to be one and the same”

Heartless‘ by Marissa Meyer is a novel about Cath, the daughter of the Marquess, who has always dreamed of becoming a baker, opening up her own shop and delivering her delicious baked goods upon the kingdom (and believe me, they sound delicious… this book made me hungry). However, Cath’s mother and father have other ideas (bloomin’ parents), intending on her becoming the Queen of Hearts, thus having to marry the King.

This is not a re-telling, everything is from inspiration. Marissa incorporates riddles and a nursery rhyme, doing it perfectly and in a way that actually makes sense to the story. Also giving back stories for other characters such as Hatta, really gets you makes you feel closer to them than before. The story is original, and with me being a huge Alice in Wonderland cray cray fan, I really appreciate the fact that Marissa has done this justice.


The story focuses on the frustration that Cath feels throughout the book, trapped inside her current life. She wants to be free to do what she is actually talented at (and be with some hot jester guy), but the expectation of her becoming the queen is swallowing that dream. I felt frustrated for Cath at the beginning of the story and frustrated AT her at the end. Knowing that the expectations of her being a woman were not given fairly and she was playing INTO those expectations. Each page gave me the opportunity to speak loudly about how unfair this was.

My mind: ‘But she’s good at baking, her goods sound delicious… I’d buy them in many quantities, let her be with the hot jest guy, look just stop being so awkward and let the girl just do as she damn pleases, BAH!’

Even… Cheshire the Cat bakes something?


The book really plays at your heart strings, (pun not intended… with the heart thing? right OK moving on) you read more because you want a nice ending for Cath, but know she is not going to get the perfect life she dreams of. You know she turns into a cold hearted woman who wants to chop off everyone’s head (way too far Cath, seriously). But towards the end of the book you slowly begin to realise why. I found myself shouting at the book, pleading for the ending to not be the way it was, for something different to happen although forever knowing it would not.

One fault for me was it took awhile for me to become properly engrossed. A third into the book I wondered how this was going to become SERIOUSLY interesting, but it did. Give this book time, and you will really find yourself enjoying it. That is if you are patient enough for that, I won’t judge you if you’re not. I kind of felt like the waiting was worth it. *hair flick for l’oreal*

With a love story, riddles and rhymes, and the evil jabberwock intertwined within this book you will find yourself on constant edge, quickly turning the pages. Wanting to know more because YOU want something different for Cath. With a few of your favourite characters tucked into the story, White Rabbit, Hatta and Cheshire bring the world of Alice in Wonderland together. You are bound to sit and love this book, maybe not in the most perfect way possible. But you will.

“If I am not to have happiness, let me at least have a purpose”

‘Heartless’ Book Judging = Done!

Here ye, Here ye, Here is some Artwork Produced by myself, I give you… The Queen of Hearts! *trumpets and stuff*




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