Orange – Manga Review!

Orange…(look I made it orange, so fancy) what can I say about this. It’s amazing, purely amazing. I can’t think of any other words for it. It made me feel a trillion emotions all at the same time (and hot damn that’s a lot of emotion).

Briefly the story goes like this…

Running through two books in total. The story starts with Naho, who receives a letter from someone claiming to be herself 10 years in the future. The letter states what is going to happen on this current day, of course she doesn’t believe it (as I would think it was my next door neighbour Doreen playing some sort of joke on me or something.) The stuff that the letter states will happen, actually happens (clearly not Doreen the next door neighbour anymore)

Future Naho wants the current Naho to not make the same mistakes again, as all of these mistakes are linked to the same person, Kakeru. She has to make some toughy decisions now and decide his fate. DUN DUN DUN, sounds good right? It seriously is! I would say even if you are not really a fan of manga or it doesn’t appeal to you, but you like nice love stories that make you want to cry into an ice cream bucket… BUY THIS!


Personally this is one of my favourite manga books of all time, the story really ties you in and I seriously did not want to put this book down and even now I want to pick it back up. The artwork is also beautiful, I mean look at the cover?! You can’t say you don’t love that?! (am I too in love with this?… it’s unhealthy I know) To some people this may look like a typical love/drama manga set in a high school, but I promise you, it’s really not.

This story tackles the subjects of Anxiety, Depression and Suicide and in my eyes, does this incredibly well. It is believable in ways, and really shows that so many people in this world would give that second chance to save someone. You really connect with how each character is feeling all the way through and it was nice to see a group of friends actually fighting FOR someone (as their is nice people in this world) rather than the typical ‘kids are mean and bully everyone’ approach that some series takes.

I found Naho slightly irritating throughout the books, she thought TOO MUCH about the decisions she had to make when really to me it seemed simple in what you would choose. She was typically a character who wasn’t really strong enough to make decisions but had to make the most important decisions, which were decisions that majorly impacted someone else. I just found myself shouting ‘WHY ARE YOU LETTING THEM DO THAT?! BE STRONGER WOMAN’

Favourite Character – Kakeru!

I felt for him the whole way through this story. His emotion was portrayed perfectly. I loved, loved, LOVED the fact that he wasn’t this emotionless boy who didn’t want to show his feelings. The writer took on the subject of mental health issues within men, which I really appreciated as I think this is a taboo subject in areas, even the subject of mental health in general.

The writer does such an amazing job of helping you understand and relate to what the group and Kakeru have to go through to change their fate and the decisions they have to make to think actually… Do I WANT my fate changing? It is amazing and so raw. (here’s me speaking all serious and what not) I found myself crying multiple times and knowing I looked a mess sitting in my pyjamas, surrounded by crisp packets not having moved for hours just to know the ending of the story.


The last chapter has a cliff hanger that just leaves you wondering what the HELL has happened, and then the ending. THAT ENDING. I don’t think any words can really explain how amazing this story is. It’s beautiful, meaningful and has so many parts in it when you are on the edge of your comfy sofa wondering what is going to happen next! I don’t think I have read a story or comic (manga) like this, and I want to read more, as this completely pulled at my heart strings and ripped the silly thing apart. But in a good way, such a good way.

I find alot of mangas have that one annoying character, and for me that was Naho. That was the downfall for me, I wanted her to be strong and yes… in parts, she was. But some of the scenes within the book had my blood boiling and that was always down to Naho… Oh silly Naho. BUT JUSTICE PREVAILED, and Kakeru was on the scene, I love him. I truly love his character and believe there should be more characters like this within every bloomin story I read.

I felt so vulnerable reading this story, I felt sad, happy and just plain distraught. But all in a good way, I have never in my life experienced a book like this before and I would urge anybody to go out there and buy these two books and give it a go. It’s great to find special stories like these that really stick with you and on a subject that is taboo in this world to talk about. But faces it head on, Thankyou for that Orange.


Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend. (James Blunt sad lyrics to help my blubbering self)

One thought on “Orange – Manga Review!

  1. I quiet liked Naho. I guess I can relate to her a lot. She’s just like me. A coward when it comes to important decisions haha. But your right: Kakeru is amazing! I need him in my life. What did you think of Suwa? I’m tied between the two of them. I love them both so much it’s hard to pick one as a favourite. haha they both have different aspects that I love 🤓


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