Book Judging Time | ACOMAF

After reading ACOTAR I decided straight away to start this, I finished it about a week ago  and needless to say I did not move much from my seat as I was clearly too busy flicking through the pages of this book. WHOOPS. Interpretation of the Story As Feyre survived the evil cows Amarantha’s games […]

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Book Judging Time | ACOTAR

In case you already don’t know (if you don’t, sort it out), A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass is about Feyre, a girl who hunts and kills to keep her father and two sisters alive. One day while hunting a deer, Feyre find a wolf pursuing the same prize, deciding to […]

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The Black Dahlia | Review!

‘The Black Dahlia’ by James Ellroy is about a woman who’s body is found in LA after being tortured and killed. The body is drained of blood and cut in half. Two police man are caught up in the investigation of this story, trying to find out who could possibly do this to another human […]

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Book Haul, 3rd of July!

So yesterday was a Monday! and who likes Mondays… NOT ME. I sat there asking myself, what would make this better Sarah? and the answer to that is… 10 points for the correct answer, BOOKS! Yes you heard it folks… the big ‘B‘, books of course! So on my lunch I took a short walk […]

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The Sandcastle Empire | Book Review

‘The Sandcastle Empire’ by Kayla Olsen is a book about a girl called Eden, who is living in a revolution by a powerful group called the Wolfpack. They have taken everything from everyone, family, friends and their freedom. Eden knows the coordinates to an island, known for it’s freedom. However once she finds the island with […]

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