The Sandcastle Empire | Book Review

‘The Sandcastle Empire’ by Kayla Olsen is a book about a girl called Eden, who is living in a revolution by a powerful group called the Wolfpack. They have taken everything from everyone, family, friends and their freedom. Eden knows the coordinates to an island, known for it’s freedom. However once she finds the island with others, the island doesn’t appear as it seems.

This is a sci-fi, post apocalyptic book of craziness! I would say from the front cover, it wouldn’t be the first book I picked up. However, the story is very interesting and reminds me slightly of LOST. The questions you have throughout this book pile up and up the more pages you read, some questions are answered. Whereas some are not, I believe there is going to be a sequel to this book and I think it needs one. If there isn’t, I’m not sure how I would feel about the ending of the book with there being some loose ties.

sandcastle-empire-cover-featured.jpg The story focuses mainly on Eden, however goes into good overall detail about some of the other characters, giving good interesting back stories into how the Wolfpack has affected everyone individually. I liked that, it gives them some personality you know? You knew what to expect of Alexa because well… you thought, this is Alexa THIS IS WHAT SHE IS LIKE PEOPLE, as you and Alexa are serious BFFs. But seriously, most of the characters are interesting throughout the story.

I did find there was some parts to the story I couldn’t put my sausage finger on, as it wasn’t truly explained properly. One of the characters in particular I did not understand why she acted the way she did and WHY WHY WHY (Delilah) did certain things happen to her etc etc… I don’t want to ruin this for you so I will keep my big gob shut. And the romance within this book I feel was not needed? It felt forced and I would have enjoyed the story without that aspect in there, it didn’t bring anything special for me to the plate. (yum food) However overall, happy with the character development… good job Kayla Olsen.

When the wolves stole our oceans, our sand, and our freedom and comfort and loved ones, I took back my sunrises.

The sun was faithful, the sun was true, the sun shattered darkness into a billion invisible pieces with rays of yellow, orange, red, sometimes even pink and purple. I watched as many as possible, alone except for the early morning guards, from the boardwalk planks.

It is dark now – maybe the darkest night of my whole life.

I plan on seeing the sunrise tomorrow.

This piece of writing above is from one of the chapters within the book, and it’s beautiful. These chapters caught me with my hairs standing on end, wanting to read it over and over again, it gave me a break to really look at how Eden is feeling at this moment in time. It give that connection between her and you as a reader and I really appreciated that.

Eden was a great character, very strong and would do anything for her friends and family to survive. It’s great to see a strong character who does not NEED anyone else to help her, she is trusted and she is brave and that is always nice to see. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND. 


Overall, I would say this is an interesting book with some really powerful pieces of writing. I was totally engrossed with certain parts of the story however definitely feel like others were not needed and didn’t really fit with the rest of it. I think if you like survival, sci-fi type stories then definitely give this one a go. However if you are really picky about endings, this book may not be for you… unless it’s official there is a second book… THEN TOTES GO FOR IT.

I give this book (if there is a second one):


FOUR OF ME! (this is my new rating system… so fancy right)

Goodbye my friends!

Also here is some artwork I produced for the book!


One thought on “The Sandcastle Empire | Book Review

  1. The questions left unanswered are what took away my love for this book. It felt so under developed in spots. But you’re right – it’s crazy! I actually really liked Alexa! And it doesn’t show that this is a series on goodreads but I have a feeling it will be

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