Bradford Literature Festival | Sunday!

SO, This Sunday I found myself at the Bradford Literature Festival in England and it certainly did NOT disappoint. I absolutely loved it, almost as much as I love Mac & Cheese… and seriously I love that stuff. It took course over the whole week however as I’m super unoraganised and had to do adult things like work… I could only go Sunday.

In case you’re wondering, the Bradford Literature Festival is a huge event in which people celebrate the use of spoken and written words and the importance of literature. From poetry to articles, even to music. It began in 2014 and has grown in popularity ever since, now hosting over 200 events over the course of 10 days. You get the opportunity to speak to authors, journalists directly through discussions, readings and interactive workshops.

Also folks… books were being sold from the events, this means one thing. HEAVEN.

Beautiful Books! YASSSS!

The workshops/talks I attended there:

  • Opinion Writing Workshop (Adults) and
  • YA Thrillers (Disturbing Minds) discussion.

Now both of these were great, the workshop included, hints and tips, knowledge from a journalist (Yasir Mirza) and each person having to write an idea for a pitch as if writing an opinion article. It was fun and interactive, you knew your thoughts were appreciated. Everyone was interesting and really listened to what you had to share with the group. Handouts were given to take home, so then I can now practice annoying everyone with my obviously correct opinion (totally joking).

The second event I attended was YA Thrillers: Disturbing Minds. This was a talk with 3 Authors (each of them brought one of their books) and  about 15 of us regulars, discussing YA lives and the problems they/we face. As well as how they managed to portray those problems within their novels. They asked each other questions, then we as the audience had the opportunity to ask questions (which I obviously did… never miss an opportunity).

Authors and the Books they brought:

All three of these guys were amazing! Very lighthearted, honest and just plain lovely! Also… THEY TOTALLY SIGNED THEIR BOOKS FOR ME! Happy Sarah did a little dance after I scooted out of there!

Me Happy Dancing… ohhhh yeah.

I cannot wait to read all of these books, especially when two of the authors are from West Yorkshire in England (totes where I’m from). It’s really inspiring to see people who have grown up so close to you, who write amazing novels. It was great to find out where they get/got their ideas from and just about them in general. I’m a nosy parker really. You should really check out these books, reviews are on goodreads and I have every faith that I will love them. I’ll be posting my reviews for these within the next month or so!

So guys, if you are in England… make your way over to Bradford Literature Festival next year and if you’re not in England TOTALLY do the same! It’s really interesting and I’m SOOOOO sad I could not go to the full thing because I would have LOVED it. Also… jus’ sayin they have Harry Potter talks, including making your own wand, potion classes and they play the films in the city square. OH YES, wingardium  MY leviosa!

So that’s it folks, I most thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and I hope you enjoyed yours too! ALSO I picked up two novels from the shop. See them within the photo below.


Goodbye Muggles!

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