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In case you already don’t know (if you don’t, sort it out), A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass is about Feyre, a girl who hunts and kills to keep her father and two sisters alive. One day while hunting a deer, Feyre find a wolf pursuing the same prize, deciding to make an important decision. To kill the predator and take home the deer for food, but what she doesn’t know is that this decision comes at a high price.

After being dragged to the magical kingdom belonging to the faeries, Feyre discovers that her captor, is hiding secrets. She becomes closely guarded and once she begins to learn why, Feyre’s feelings for her captor go from hostility to passion. But when she becomes entwined within the rules and dangers of the faerie world, Feyre needs to fight to break an ancient curse or she will lose him forever.

A map of the world, where Humans and Faeries Live.

What do I have to say about this book, I LOVED it, even loved is an under statement. Honestly, I couldn’t get enough, yes parts of it were slow. Continuously having to read about how Feyre missed her family and wanted to be back with them, what were they up to? Did they miss her? blah blah blah. Then it got to the good stuff and MY GOD it is good. I was literally on the edge of my seat towards the back/last 100 pages of the book, talking to myself as the tension built. Seriously people, nothing like it.


SO Tamlin… oh Tamlin. This faerie bloke who captures Feyre is soft, gentle, HOT HOT HOT and extremely interested in her. Did Feyre like him to begin with? OF COURSE NOT. Well that starts to change, in a very passionate sort of way. Which happens so naturally, you really begin to understand WHY Feyre is feeling this way after everything that has happened to her. I did kind of sense it happening, however the twists and turns within the rest of the story were MORE than enough to keep me interested. AND Sarah J Mass has definitely done the sexy part of her book WELL. Seriously guys, Chapter 27…

giphy-downsized (9).gif

If you like just you know… reading. I would seriously just try this, it’s such a gripping if you work your way through Feyre’s silly repetitive thoughts at the start. I know some people don’t like it and feel like it’s overrated, but I couldn’t be happier than I bought this book. It has completely engrossed me into the life of Feyre and I cannot wait to find out the rest of this adventure. I think even if you don’t think this is for you, maybe just give it a go? I think it would surprise a lot of people. However if you didn’t like it… that’s cool too!

What I liked, no, ADORED about this book, was the emotions that it gave me. I felt happy, sad, confused, angry and totally in love. Which I have not felt towards a book in such a long time. The characters are amazing and so well described. I absolutely adore Lucien, who has sass. But is kind and sounds very easy on the eyes (hello), you couldn’t simply NOT love him. I also HATED the evil queen and then there is Rhysand, I did not know how to feel about him… hmmmmmmm.


Honestly, this book I can’t even put into enough words to describe how much I love it. Sarah J Maas has completely won over my heart with this (and my time). If I’m being 100% honest, this book has makes me WISH that I was caught within this world. I can honestly say that this… is one of the best stories I have ever read. BRING ON ACOMAF.

Rating Time! Who is surprised by…


Goodbye Darlings…

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