Book Judging Time | ACOMAF

After reading ACOTAR I decided straight away to start this, I finished it about a week ago  and needless to say I did not move much from my seat as I was clearly too busy flicking through the pages of this book. WHOOPS.


Interpretation of the Story

As Feyre survived the evil cows Amarantha’s games (urgh). She returns to the spring court with the powers of a High Fae, her heart and soul still human. Causing Feyre to struggle with the reality of terrible things she had to do to ensure Tamlin’s people would be safe. But inbetween all the drama, Feyre does not forget about the bargain she made will Rhysand. As she begins to understand the nature and history of the night court, Feyre realises that a great evil is growing and it could possibly be her job to stop it WITH HER NEW SUPER SWEET POWERS.

I absolutely loved this book, I read it in 2 days and do not regret that decision. (I also want to apologise for not posting as much, currently packing to move house!) The story was dramatic, entertaining and just plain amazing really. Something I appreciated about this book was the relationships between all of the characters, they were really natural, normal and true to what people are like in the real world. Therefore they were so easy to relate to. ALSO, Feysand is possibly the best combo relationship ever, thanks guys.

I literally didn’t even want to sleep, to get through book. I thought, I CAN DO THIS and I totally did.


The balance between the romance and action was great. I didn’t feel like the romance was forced onto you, it was super natural and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FEYSAND (did I say that already?). I think I felt every emotion possible while reading this. I hated Tamlin. F U TAMPON (found this is a nickname people call him and I love it) as he really did not let Feyre be that strong woman who can clearly take care of herself. He wouldn’t let her be free and that’s totally not cool. He brought out the, YOU BE A STRONG WOMAN… but my god be a strong woman with Rhysand!

It is wrong for me to say there wasn’t much at all that I disliked about this book? Apart from the fact that it finished. I sound like a typical ACOTAR fangirl I KNOW I KNOW. But I really loved this book, this story… it brought back the enjoyment of reading for me, and I didn’t want it to end. Maybe I’m writing with clouded judgement as I let this book take over eating, sleeping and just being a plain normal human being.

giphy-downsized (10).gif

One thing I do find about Sarah J Maas’s writing style is she can be quite repetitive when it comes to the sexy, sexy scenes. But you kind of find yourself so interested in what in the world is going on that you sort of forget? I think that is one thing I could say that I have noticed from reading the book straight after the first one. However it isn’t something that would majorly ruin a book for me as it isn’t consistent throughout the whole thing.

Favourite Character: Rhysand (OBVIOUSLY), he has an attitude about him which I really appreciate. He loves his family and friends and will literally go to the ends of the earth for them, you learn a lot about him in this book which I really enjoyed reading as his back story is something that intertwines within every aspect of this overall tale and let’s be honest guys who wouldn’t want a Rhysand in their lives?! Wingspan…

Now, as I write this I am currently engaged within the last book of this series. LONG BEHOLD I am sad, as I know this will be coming to an end and I’m just simply not ready for that. But I seriously cannot say how much these books have brought back my enjoyment of reading. If I could give Sarah J Maas a giant big bear hug trust me I would… and I would not regret it.

Drum Roll, I hereby give this book…


Goodbye High Faes!


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