Owlcrate | August, Wicked!

August, Shm-August.

The items within this crate I am absolutely in love with. Seriously, the theme is Wicked and it is beautiful. It also contained two books! YAY.


August’s box includes:

  • ‘The Hearts We Sold’ by Emily Lloyd-Jones (Exclusive cover, Pin Badge, Letter and Signed Bookplate for Owlcrate)
  • Edgar Allan Poe socks (Out of Print)
  • He Who Must Not Be Named Medium roast Coffee (exclusive, Happenstance Coffee)
  • Purple Fountain Pen (Ooly)
  • This Savage Song sticker (exclusive, Evie Bookish)
  • Six of Crows bookmark (exclusive, Treehouse of Books)
  • ‘Sleepy Hollow & Other Stories’ published by Rock Paper Books
  • Wicked Badge (Owlcrate)

I have just started reading ‘The Hearts We Sold’, it’s interesting so far and nothing like I have ever read before so that’s always great. I have tried the coffee and oh my it’s amazing! Very tasty and Edgar Allan Poe has made his way comfortably onto my feet.

The theme for September is Mythical Creatures! Unicorns here we come!


Goodbye my Wicked Lovelies!

One thought on “Owlcrate | August, Wicked!

  1. I loved this box- especially that fountain pen, I’ve never had an actual fountain pen before, lol. I’ve started The Hearts We Sold and I agree that it’s like nothing I’ve read before! I’m still not too far into it to have a strong opinion yet, but I’m liking it so far.


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