Before She Ignites | Jodi Meadows

“I wanted freedom in the same way I wanted my next breath: an unspoken but constant desire.” – Jodi Meadows Mira Minkoba is the Hopebearer. She has been told she is special and important ever since she was born. She is also known around the land for the Mira Treaty, a peace agreement that was named […]

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Ready Player One | Ernest Cline

“Going outside is highly overrated.” – Ernest Cline It’s year 2044 and the world is falling apart. Wade Watts only feels truly happy and alive when he is inside the OASIS, a virtual utopia. He had devoted his whole life to studying the creator’s obsessions and hobbies about pop culture throughout the ages. This continues […]

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OwlCrate | September, Mythical Creatures!

September…  Okay so this months was something special for sure. The theme is Mythical Creatures involving dragons, unicorns and all that sha-bang! September’s box includes: ‘Before She Ignites’ by Jodi Meadows (Owl Crate exclusive cover and signed bookplate) ‘Dragons of the Fallen Isles: A Guide’ by Jodi Meadows Son of Poseidon Eucalyptus Tea Bath Salts […]

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