OwlCrate | September, Mythical Creatures!


Okay so this months was something special for sure. The theme is Mythical Creatures involving dragons, unicorns and all that sha-bang!


September’s box includes:

  • ‘Before She Ignites’ by Jodi Meadows (Owl Crate exclusive cover and signed bookplate)
  • ‘Dragons of the Fallen Isles: A Guide’ by Jodi Meadows
  • Son of Poseidon Eucalyptus Tea Bath Salts by ‘The Soap Librarian’
  • Wooden Bookmark by Ink & Wonder Designs
  • Book Sleeve by ‘Book Beau’
  • Hagrid & Hippogriff Sticker
  • Dragon Pouch (Owl Crate)
  • Mythical Creates Pin by Owlcrate

Reading ‘Before She Ignites’ right now now now. I have finished ‘The Hearts we Sold’ from the previous crate which I will be posting a review on soon!

Loving the book so far. the wooden bookmark is BAA-OOTIFUL and the book sleeve is amazing! The sleeve has received mixed reviews as people were having problems with the stitching etc on them, but I believe Owlcrate is sending out new ones therefore PROBLEM SOLVED.

The October box has the theme of ‘Find me in the Forest’ and judging by how beautiful the card is in the photo below I can only imagine how nice it’s going to be!


Goodbye my mythical beings!

One thought on “OwlCrate | September, Mythical Creatures!

  1. I loved this box!! And I just finished the book, which I loved. I didn’t know people were having problems with their book beaus 😦 Mine came perfectly fine though, and I love it!! I also loved the little dragon coin pouch.


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