Before She Ignites | Jodi Meadows

“I wanted freedom in the same way I wanted my next breath: an unspoken but constant desire.”

– Jodi Meadows

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Mira Minkoba is the Hopebearer. She has been told she is special and important ever since she was born. She is also known around the land for the Mira Treaty, a peace agreement that was named after her, uniting Seven Islands against their enemies.

However, Mira struggles with crippling anxiety, counts compulsively and is way too interested in Dragons. But Mira discovers a secret that questions everything she thought the treat stood for. Then sentenced to the deadliest prison within the Fallen Isles, Mira is given some decisions to make.

The guard there will do anything to discover the secret she is hiding. Mira must learn to survive in prison, and gain the courage to speak about the dark truths of the Fallen Isles. Before her world begins to collapse.

  • Pages – 400
  • Author – Jodi Meadows
  • Published – September 12th 2017
  • Rating – 3.5/5
  • Genres – Young Adult, Fantasy, Dragons


I have to admit, when I saw the blurb for this story. My eyes lit up! Dragons, dragons dragons and just YES PLEASE. I felt like I was going to be in my element and I was but… not as much as I thought I was going to be. I liked the story and the fact that this is the first within a series is fab. I’ll definitely be reading the second one.

I really appreciated some of the bits to this story (mainly the plot behind each of the characters that Mira spends time with in prison). Also, Mira has anxiety, I’ve seen some reviews complaining about the long winded the writing was while she experiences panic attacks. Sorry but I appreciated that, as somebody who has anxiety, I liked somebody going full welly on how it feels in that moment. No it doesn’t happen for 30 seconds and goes away, it’s long and it’s painful.

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However, I did find that the dragons weren’t in the book anywhere near enough than I thought they were. Maybe it’s because it’s the first book within a trilogy, and this was merely to set up the characters and their back stories (which I did like), but I wanted more dragon bad ass action adding in between learning about all these characters. And I also wanted to know what was going on with them while Mira was in prison.

Gimme dem dragons.

Maybe there could have been two main characters, and the chapters switched between both? From the dragons perspective and Mira’s? I don’t know if this would have worked but for me I wanted to know much more about them then I got told. Hopefully this will be explored within the books to come and we can learn about their history and their side of the story. I hope so.


I didn’t feel like this book met my expectations but maybe my expectations of the book were something completely different. Maybe I’m too needy. Maybe when I read about dragons all I think about is Game of Thrones and Daenerys and think YES DRAGON BATTLES, GIVE ME THAT PLEASE AND THANK YOU. (definitely the last one)

Whereas this was setting up the story, easing me into the characters and getting me to properly learn about Mira’s history. Maybe when the next book comes out I will appreciate the time Jodi Meadows spent on this and I will get my dragon history and battles.

Now don’t get me wrong, parts of me really appreciated the writing in this book and there were times when I was reading that I wanted to speed up my slow reading eye balls to find out what happened. But I did just feel like I expected one thing from this book but got another. But hey ho, stop being so demanding Sarah.


Mira. I appreciated how raw her character was. She wasn’t strong all the time. Her anxiety got the better of her and you really got to live with her through that tough time. Page by page, something I have never experienced in any other book I have read.

She was honest about what sort of person she was, the decisions she made (which were important decisions), were not made quickly, she thought about them in the same amount of time we would, panicking about the outcome. And I liked the fact that this was as realistic as human thinking on a page gets.

“There is strength,” he said slowly, “in knowing when to speak, and when to listen.” His hands stayed on his chest, motionless. “And when to say nothing at all.”

– Jodi Meadows


3.5 from me! Sorry there isn’t half of my own head added here!


Goodbye dragon lovers!

One thought on “Before She Ignites | Jodi Meadows

  1. Sorry, there isn’t half of my head…haha love it. I’ve been thinking about picking this book up, because the cover attracted me and dragons, of course. I’m going to try to go in with no expectations and I don’t watch GOT so I don’t have much knowledge there so I’m not really sure how I’ll feel.

    Anyways sorry for rambling lol. I’m still on the fence if I’m going to pick it up haha.

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