One of Us is Lying | Karen M. McManus

Before I get into this review, I just want to apologise for my lack of posting (I’m rubbish I know). It has been a manic few months with my family, with a lot of lows etc. But now I think I am good to go! and will be back posting regular! I’ve missed blogging! So here we go, back to it…

“Unless one of us is lying. Which is always a possibility.”

– Karen M. McManus


Five Students enter detention after school on Monday. With only four to leave alive. Simon, the notorious student who is the creator of the Bayview high gossip app dies surrounded by his classmates. Detectives think this wasn’t an accident, as Simon planned to reveal juicy gossip about the other four students within that class room. Which makes all of them suspects in his murder. Or are they just the perfect decoy for the real killer to get away?

Everyone has secrets, but we never know how far people are willing to go to protect them.

  • Pages –  361
  • Author – Karen M. McManus
  • Published – May 30th 2017
  • Rating – 4.5/5
  • Genres – Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller


I loved this book. From the get go to the end I was completely engrossed. Reading it in a day was something I HAD to do! I couldn’t leave it for a second, apart from when I was eating… (food over all right?!).

This was a fun book to read, despite it being a YA Thriller and expecting it to make me feel uncomfortable. It had that intensity where I was sat on the edge of my seat saying ‘Oooooooo who in the world is it?!’. It was like watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Where I feel more entertained than anything else!

giphy-downsized (3).gif

(Truthfully), I did sit there and guessed the ending correctly! Which is quite rare for me I must admit. But I wasn’t 100%, until it all started being pieced together and it was done so well. The truth came out and I had just read something on a previous page that I  remembered now why that ACTUALLY happened. It’s equivalent to the realisation you have when you watch a TV show and you shout at yourself for not noticing something that was right IN YO’ FACE!

The characters were pretty standard, the bad boy who is super hot and you shouldn’t be with him but he’s actually SUPER NICE. A jock, a do gooder… that kind of thing. But that didn’t put me off as that actually was part of the story, they were the ‘typical teenagers in a film’ BUT they came out of their stereotypes and had personalities that I really felt sad/happy/angry at and for. And THAT, is what I want from a book.

“She’s a princess and you’re a jock,” he says. He thrusts his chin toward Bronwyn, then at Nate. “And you’re a brain. And you’re a criminal. You’re all walking teen-movie stereotypes.”  

– Karen M. McManus

I’ll be honest I couldn’t find any plot holes within this book, I can be slightly slow with things like this but everything pieced together really well for me. There was some teen love poked into the story which I thought was maybe necessary? It added another angle onto the plot which made you question what was going on behind the paged scenes. Are they protecting each other? Using each other? or just plain like each other. WHO KNOWS.

giphy-downsized (4)who.gif

Something I struggled to understand was that I wanted to know more about Simon? Why were some willing to hide the truth for him. I do not know. Maybe I missed something and I should have paid closer attention but I just struggled to understand why some people truly liked him and would go to the ends that they did for someone who was a bit of a bother causer.


Addy. She was quite dependant on security and safety, but to overcome that and be able to become someone stronger for it was something I really admired. It was really relatable and her problems were quite modern, something that readers could understand. She cut her hair at the end of the book and dyed it purple too which I LOVED. You go girlfriend, don’t let those smelly boys get you down.

“You’re not going to wither up and die from this, Addy,” Ashton lectures me as she shoves me toward the shower. “He doesn’t get to erase you from the world.” 

– Karen M. McManus

So there you have it! I think this is a book for anybody. It’s easy to read, very different and keeps you intrigued throughout. I would say if you like true crime you might think this book is a little bit too toned down, but I thought it was incredibly enjoyable and definitely worth the read. I would recommend anybody to give this book a go and for sure share your thoughts!



4.5/5! Again… can’t add half of my head. Maybe I should debate cutting my head in half! Maybe next time folks!

Take Care Everybody!

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