Nasty Women Review | Laura Lam

“I have been forced to live with something awful, and I will never be grateful for the personal development I have had to endure to survive it.”

– 404 Ink



Wow. Is the word that I can use to describe this book. This is non-fiction, therefore not much of a ‘Story-Line’ here. The idea started on Kickstarter by 404 Ink (Publisher) and raised £22,156 with only a goal originally of £6,000. The book is a collection of accounts, essays and interviews of what it is like to be a woman in the 21st century.

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, Zeba Talkhani, Chitra Ramaswamy and other amazing women share their experiences within this book. It is inspiring to see women uses their voices loud and proud, topics from Donald Trump’s America to Sexual Assault, Immigration, Racism and Brexit. This book covers many topics that unfortunately are being normalised day by day.

  • Pages – 240
  • Author – 404 Ink
  • Published – March 8th 2017
  • Rating – 5
  • Genres: Nonfiction, Feminism, Short Stories


“I was not the perfect survivor, which to them meant I must be the other option – a liar.”

– 404 Ink

I know where the nasty women reference came from with Hilary Clinton and thought that from this Donald Trump would be mentioned. But I did not expect the stories within this to be so raw and shows the ugliness that women have to endure throughout their day to day lives and this book. The stories truly show the anger and sadness that women are really feeling.


This is some brilliant nonfiction, each woman takes you through their lives with a brilliant written essay, you feel completely immersed in their stories. After reading one story about how contraception is completely devastating for our bodies to how a middle aged man was openly racist in public, you find yourself sitting there cringing at how these things are even happening.

I insist everyone should read this.

I learnt so much throughout this read. Some of the quotes within this I will remember forever. Honestly, they show the power of women and that’s just by reading the quotes alone. At the end of the book, this quote follows…
“The world is a dangerous place right now, but not as dangerous as a nasty woman with a pen in her hand and story to tell. These voices telling our truths cannot be shaken and they certainly will not be drowned out any more.
Why fear us when you can join us?”


The amount of topics that were covered in 240 pages is incredible. Each author within this book was unique and personal in how they told their story. I read through this book in two days, I was learning more about something I experience myself day to day, week to week. While also feeling not alone and now I know there is a full support network.

I think books like this should be read. They give that education that you won’t learn in school or college etc. And I think sometimes people think that these types of problems simply do not happen. But books like this, they allow us to really learn about what is happening in our world and that we should not sit quiet and we should speak up. I love the way this book makes you feel angry but also empowered.

And so we should. We should feel empowered, with the Hollywood stars wearing all black to the golden globes, and how people are now NOT sitting silent. It means that now more than ever there has never been a better time to shout out.

Please, if you ever have the chance to read this. Then do.



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