Northern YA Literature Festival | March

So, yesterday I found myself at the Northern YA Literature Festival in Preston, United Kingdom. It was the first one that was ever been held there and it was great! There were so many amazing authors and I felt so privileged to be able to meet them and get my books signed, all of them were amazing and super friendly.

I gained tickets to talks about Feminism in YA and an interview with Alwyn Hamilton. Also, the amazing Holly Black gave an interview (in separate post), I obviously had my books signed by her including The Cruel Prince AND had a photo taken with her! She was absolutely amazing and so lovely. I also managed to grab an arc of The Wicked King, the next book within the Trilogy. 

Happy dances all round.


Authors Included (that I got to see)

Lauren James | Matt Killeen | Holly Black | Alwyn Hamilton | Samantha Shannon | Katherine Webber | Annabel Pitcher



Alwyn Hamilton

‘The Rebel of the Sands’ Trilogy is well known by many and wrote by Alwyn Hamilton, safe to say she is absolutely hilarious, I love her! I managed to queue to have each book personally signed which gave me a smile all the way across my face like an absolute loon.

She had some really interesting answers to give in her interview, and I actually asked a question.

‘How hard is it to stick to three books for your story? Did you have times that you thought, I just want to write about these characters forever?!’

She said she loved one of her characters so much (that sadly passes away) she kept that character in the third book epilogue and her editors kept telling her to take them out so she eventually had to! But she always knew she wanted to have only three books! Unlike Samantha Shannon who is doing a seven book series!


I highly recommend that if there is another one next year that people attend! It was free!

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