About the silly thing called me!

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Hola, welcome to my blog! My name is Sarah and I’m 23 years old. I live in the mainly dreary but sometimes sunny England! I absolutely love books and reading, however for years I have always had an interest in Art both digitally and non digital.

Thus, the book blog was born! Blossom, bubbles and butter… right no. I seriously get side tracked! I hope that in my blog posts I can be as honest and as close to me and my head as possible. I am hoping that people will appreciate my honesty within my reviews and like my silly personality that means I can and will never be taken seriously in my whole entire life (hope you guys totally need to trust me with my book reviews, or sometimes I can be serious… sort of).

But honestly, I do want to help people in understanding that their is cool books out there. Within all types of genres.

I read:

  • YA novels
  • Manga
  • Comics
  • Horror/Crime
  • Fiction
  • History
  • Fantasy

I hope to be able to portray my thoughts on any of these types of books and possibly show people that it’s great to try new genres as it has helped me to expand my range of reading material. (Look at me sounding all fancy… material) Thankyou so much for reading my blog. I appreciate any comments what so ever about anything I write.

Again, totes thanks for reading this. I hope to make this interesting.

… with great power comes great responsibility, even with words.